Despite Global Credit Crunch, Condom Sales in the UK Have Shot Up

by Hannah Punitha on Dec 5 2008 1:14 PM

Despite global credit crunch, condom sales in the UK have shot up as affected couples prefer to spend their nights within the four walls.

While Durex saw a 10 percent rise in its sales generating 126.4 million pounds in the six months to September 30, Internet retailer Ocado recorded a staggering 60 percent growth in sales.

Jason Gissing, finance director, accorded the reason to more and more couples' decision to spend nights in with some not being able to afford having kids, reports the Sun.

While France, Eastern Europe, Russia and China have witnessed a similar sales shoot, Asda too reported condoms sales rising up to nine percent while pregnancy tests shot up by as much as 20 percent.

A spokesman said: "We've noticed a real uplift in condom sales recently. Our conclusion is that people are staying in more and romancing rather than getting a table for two at a restaurant.

"Further proof is our tea light candles are up 50 per cent, champagne 20 per cent and oysters eight per cent and slippers and dressing gowns 22 per cent."