‘Desperate Housewives’ Boss Prevents Longoria from Having Kids

‘Desperate Housewives’ Boss Prevents Longoria from Having Kids
Eva Longoria can’t even think about having kids right now, thanks to her ‘Desperate Housewives’ boss.
Marc Cherry, the show's creator, has slapped a baby ban on Eva and her husband, French basketball star Tony Parker, which means that the couple will have to wait at least a year before they can get down to the serious business of making babies.

Longoria, who plays ‘Gabrielle’ in the hit show, an unhappy married housewife who is a free bird, was told by Cherry that if she got pregnant it would destroy the show's plotline.

"Gabrielle can do anything and go anywhere because she doesn't have kids and she's not limited," Mirror quoted her, as saying.

"She represents a voice that says it's OK to be confused about the person in your life, and it's OK to date one, two or three people.

"She has no shame in moving on to try to find happiness. So when she's in these love triangles and quadrangles - dating, not dating, whatever - I think she's a true representation of what some women go through. I love all the exciting adventures she goes on,” she said.

The 32-year said that she and her hubby are very much excited about starting a family but they can wait till her duties towards the show are over.

"Marc's not kidding because he maps the year out and really knows the storyline.

"Tony and I are excited about starting a family, but because Marc has forbidden me to get pregnant this year we're going to spend time as a married couple and build a solid foundation together before we bring our child into the world,” she said.


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