Desperate Doherty Pens Song to Get Back Kate

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 4 2007 6:28 PM

It seems that troubled Pete Doherty is desperate to win former fiancee Kate Moss back, for now the singer has reportedly penned a new song for the supermodel.

After telling all about their break-up in a series of interviews and calling Moss a "nasty old rag," the Babyshambles frontman has composed the ode, A Song For Kate, in the last hope of wooing her again.

Doherty has recorded the song onto a CD and is flying one of his friends out to Marbella, where Kate is currently holidaying with her 20 friends, to personally hand it to her.

Pete decided to pen the song after the British beauty refused to pay heed to his several requests.

Sources say that 'A Song For Kate' deals with all the blunders the singer has made and what he will do in the future if Moss accepts him again.

"It's quite obvious that Pete is devastated and is willing to do anything to get Kate back. He can't live without her, she's like a drug to him. He realises now he's messed up and all he wants is a chance to explain to Kate, but she's making it clear she doesn't want anything to do with him," the Daily Mail quoted a source, as saying.

"It's killing him to see photos of her out enjoying herself with her friends and laughing while he's so miserable. All of these thoughts and feelings have gone into this new song. It's his way of saying sorry," the source added.