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 Designers To Display a 'teen Clutter-proof' Room That Children Simply Can't Spoil
An Edinburgh-based company's most recent innovation may save parents man a premature gray hair, caused by the constant stress that emanates from a messy teen bedroom! The firm has designed a room that teenagers, try as they might, simply can't ruin.

Design firm IDP claims to have created the 'teen-proof' bedroom, which provides solution for the cluttered spaces that have enraged parents for decades, reports the Scotsman.

It features drawing pin friendly fabric wallpaper; a wipe-clean desk; a swivel chair with secret pockets for stashing chocolate and electronic gizmos; stain-resistant carpets; and enough space under the bed to hide a mountain of clothes and computer games and still leave room for a set of iPod speakers.

Gilly Corkery of IDP said: "It was an incredibly challenging project. How do you counteract the natural messiness of teenagers?"

The room includes shelves tailored to the size of CDs, along with compartments in the bed space so that electronic equipment such as stereos or PlayStations can be plugged in - great for easy access when the teens are still lounging in bed at noon.

The room will be exhibited at the Homes and Interiors Scotland Exhibition at the SECC in Glasgow next weekend.

The design firm is keeping some details a closely guarded secret - just releasing a rough sketch of a suspiciously tidy-looking room and a sample of some dog-themed furniture decor.

Corkery, who modelled the design on the taste and habits of her son Jamie, 12, said: "We've tried to do little quirky things that teenagers will think are quite cool," says

"No self-respecting teenager wants to move for too long so we've designed a desk chair which has a pocket where they can keep a remote control, their iPod, pens, chocolate or whatever, without having to move.

"Then there's the upholstery fabric on the walls, which means they can put posters up with drawing pins without leaving a mark," Corkery added.

Source: ANI

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