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Dentists in the Prehispanic Period Knew Modern Teeth Modification Techniques

by Rajashri on September 10, 2008 at 3:50 PM
 Dentists in the Prehispanic Period Knew Modern Teeth Modification Techniques

Prehispanic people were adept in using modern dental techniques to modify their teeth.

This was pointed out by Socorro Ochoa Caceres, dental specialist at Hospital del Nino Poblano (Puebla Children Hospital) in Mexico.


Socorro Ochoa mentioned that based on comparative documented studies regarding Prehispanic ancient teeth alteration techniques, she confirmed that some contemporary techniques have this fundament.

"Dentists use a technique named streeping or dental filing, performed under the same principles applied centuries ago. Using them, Prehispanic dentists avoided tooth position loss and disarray," she stated.

Dental filing method is based on the insertion of files between teeth to devastate them and create the space needed to fasten orthodontic devises to the mouth.

Among ancient indigenous peoples, dental filing was linked to esthetic and therapeutic practices.

Their knowledge about dental anatomy was extraordinary, and they could correct disarrayed teeth without affecting roots.

Stones such as jadeite, obsidian and flint, as well as leather, wood and vegetal fibers were used to modify teeth and have precious stones fixed.

Having dental procedures was only allowed to hierarchs and elites.

Source: ANI
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