by Hannah Joy on  August 9, 2018 at 1:38 PM Cancer News
Dental Care Before Cancer Surgery can Prevent Postoperative Complications
Preoperative oral care can help reduce postoperative complications in patients who undergo cancer surgery, reveals a new study published in BJS (British Journal of Surgery).

Of 509,179 patients studied, 16% received preoperative oral care from a dentist.

When a surgeon requested that a dentist provide preoperative oral care to a patient with cancer, the dentist:

  • checked the patient's oral condition
  • provided professional tooth cleaning
  • taught the patient self-cleaning methods for the teeth, and
  • provided any treatment needed
In the study, 15,724 patients (3.09%) developed postoperative pneumonia and 1734 (0.34%) died within 30 days of surgery. After adjustments, preoperative oral care by a dentist was linked with a decrease in postoperative pneumonia (3.28% versus 3.76%) and death within 30 days (0.30% versus 0.42%).

"The findings could help improve strategies for the prevention of postoperative complications," the authors wrote.

Source: Eurekalert

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