by Julia Samuel on  October 9, 2017 at 7:17 PM Indian Health News
Dengue In Children Continues To Increase in Tamilnadu
Dengue, the viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes has affected many in Tamilnadu in the past few months. As many as 35 people have died of dengue in Tamil Nadu since January, 2017, a senior state government official said.

Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan said, "Since January this year, 10,032 fever cases were reported in Tamil Nadu. Out of these, 35 people died of dengue."

These figures might actually be contradicting as the Stanley Medical College witnessed a total of 366 outpatients with more than 216 pediatric cases. A total of 55 paediatric fever patients are admitted at KMC, while dengue positive patients include 8 children of 12.  

"Diagnosis is delayed for children as they cannot identify the symptoms and report it immediately. Parents should look out for symptoms like if a child refuses to accept oral fluids or is vomiting along with abdominal pain and joint pain, a doctor should be immediately consulted," said Dr P Vasanthamani, dean, Kilpauk Medical College.

As of now, around 11,500 cases have been witnessed in Tamil Nadu and the last month witnessed an increased number of pediatric deaths in the state. Though doctors say that the situation is under control, cases of viral fever have risen in comparison to last year. 

"Brain fever and hemorrhagic fever are prime diseases affecting children currently. Seasonal changes coupled with dengue prevalence have increased number of paediatric cases, as some children are born with low immunity and are critical to handle. Though late diagnosis is one reason for dengue deaths in children, some of them seeking treatment in private hospitals are referred very late," said Dr Ravichandran, dean, ICH. 

Source: Medindia

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