Demonstration Against E-waste in Delhi

 Demonstration Against E-waste in Delhi
Activists of environmental pressure group Greenpeace, Delhi, staged a demonstration against e-waste which creates environmental hazards.
The activists of the environmental watchdog put life-size cut outs imitating mobiles and televisions. They also put up banners carrying their demand to electronic major Samsung for taking back e-waste.

"We are demanding that the Samsung should give pan Indian take back service to all its customers. Presently Samsung is offering take back for only mobile phones that is only for 8 collection centers in India that is not enough. So the company should set up more collection centers across the country," said Abhishek Pratap, a Greenpeace activist.

The environmental group said that the company should adopt waste disposal policies that do not pose threat to its workers and the ecology after reports that tones of waste is being passed on to an unauthorized recycling dealer.

E-waste, which generates hundreds of hazardous substances including lead, cadmium, mercury etcetra, is one of the most rapidly growing environmental problems of the world.

In India e-waste management assumes greater significance not only due to generation of e-waste in the country but also because of its dumping by the developed countries.


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