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 Delhi Organizes Cycle Rally to Mark World Environment Day
A cycle rally was organized in New Delhi on Saturday by the Organizing committee of the Commonwealth Games to mark the World Environment Day.

The rally, which started from the headquarters of the Commonwealth Games, witnessed an enthusiastic response from the citizens, who turned up in large numbers.

Shera, the official mascot for the nineteenth Commonwealth Games flagged off the rally.

Pooja Bajaj, a resident of Delhi said that every citizen should find ways to help save the environment.

"My friend and I carpool together, that is one way we can save fuel. Those who stay close to their offices, they can use cycles instead of coming in their own vehicle. They can use public transport, which will again save a lot o fuel. All these factors will contribute to saving the environment," said Bajaj.

The organizers informed that even they contribute proactively towards the cause.

"The organizing committee is also taking initiatives. We at our headquarters of the organizing committee are recycling paper, reusing them for reduction in the use of paper, and switching off lights when they are not in use," said Sudhir Mittal, Special Director General, Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee.

"Everything is being done which reduces the usage of our natural resources and consumption of energy. All this will benefit the environment," he added.

World environment day is celebrated across the world to spread awareness about environment and motivate political and civilian action towards the issue.

Source: ANI

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