by Kathy Jones on  August 17, 2010 at 10:03 PM General Health News
 Decriminalize Use of Illicit Drugs, Say Experts
A number of health professionals are urging the governments to decriminalize the use of illict drugs such as heroin and cocaine, arguing that such a step will see a drastic fall in crime.

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, who has recently stepped down as the president of Royal College of Physicians, said that banning such drugs has proven to be a wrong move for the government, increasing the public health problems as well as fostering a number of criminal activities such as the rise of organized crime.

Empowering Better Health

Sir Gilmore pointed out to a number of studies and said that legalizing such drugs will not increase the number of drug users, adding that such a step will instead help those who are struggling with drug addiction instead of putting them behind bars.

"There's a lot of evidence that the total prohibition of drugs, making them totally illicit and unavailable, has not been successful at reducing not only the health burden, but also the impact on crime", he added.

Source: Medindia

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