Deaths Due to Road Accidents Higher Than Deaths Due to Militancy

by Julia Samuel on Jan 13 2015 12:13 PM

Deaths Due to Road Accidents Higher Than Deaths Due to Militancy
Jammu and Kashmir traffic police commemorated Road safety week with the theme, ‘Zero tolerance to road accidents’ and organized awareness skits on road safety performed by Kashmir’s traditional artists.
Deputy Inspector General of //Traffic, Kashmir, Vijay Kumar mentioned that 281 human lives were lost and 2, 536 were injured in 1,865 traffic accidents that took place in the Valley last year.

Kumar said the total number of road accidents that took place in Kashmir were 1,865 in 2014, which claimed 281 human lives and 2,536 were injured.

He said, 1.85 lakh erring drivers were fined and the traffic police collected a total revenue/fine of rupees 3.70 crore.

Kashmir Abdul Gani Mir, IGP said that the police should show zero tolerance for road accidents and they should work at both individual as well as collective levels to forbid from negligent driving to save precious lives in road accidents.

Mir said the total number of deaths in road accidents in Valley was higher than the number of lives lost in the past year due to militancy.

Avoiding use of mobiles during driving, avoiding use and ensuring use of crash helmets, are some of the decisions we should stick on, as safety measures.

The IGP said that it has been found that some public transport drivers do take drugs and drive which leads to negligent and rash driving on their part. He exhorted upon the commuters to take a pledge not to let the drivers cross the prescribed speed limits.

Mir while referring to the road engineering and traffic regulation said that there should be perfect coordination among the departments and the road users.


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