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Cytotron the New No Side Effect Cancer Treatment
MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: The side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy may be a thing of the past with the new tumor treating device known as Cytotron. Though still in infancy many Cytotron treated patients have survived longer than predicted by the treating doctors. What is more, most had relief from the pain and agony of their cancer and some even went back to work. A surgeon who had brain cancer is back operating upon his patients after Cytotron Therapy.

The patients selected for clinical trials after having had surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy were declared to have no available conventional treatment option. Cytotron came as a turning point in their lives and thanks to Cytotron many of them are still alive today. Cytotron is considered by doctors as a future methodology in the treatment of cancer.

Cytotron produces Rotational Field Quantum Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) beams from 288 guns that are focused precisely on the area requiring treatment to non-invasively degenerate or regenerate and repair tissues and organs in the human body. The treatment has been certified safe as normal, healthy cells are not affected in any way.

Cytotron's tissue degenerating ability is helping cancer patients arrest cancer growth whereas its regenerating capability of the Cytotron has helped hundreds of patients get relief from osteoarthritis pain of the knee and other joints. Cytotron Therapy is available at Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana, in North India since March 2006.

Sibia Medical Centre the world famous no-surgery hospital is also successfully treating patients of kidney stones with lithotripsy, Coronary Heart Disease and peripheral artery disease with Artery Clearance, Chelation Therapy and External Counter Pulsation, Backaches with computerized Spinal Table, Immunodeficiency diseases with Ozone Therapy. Thousands of patients have been saved from surgery in the last 15 years.

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