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 Cubans Celebrate World Tai Chi Day
More than 200 brightly attired Cubans of all ages gathered in old Havana's San Francisco Plaza and showed off their skill in the ancient martial art-turned exercise to mark the celebrations of World Tai Chi day on Saturday.

Dressed in white, green, blue, red, yellow and black, Cubans practiced the slow and steady movements of the ancient Chinese art form.

There are more than 5,000 Tai Chi practitioners in Cuba, as well as a Cuban School of Wushu, located in Havana's Chinatown district, said the school's director, Roberto Vargas Li.

After the school was established in 1995, said Li, Tai Chi spread rapidly throughout the country.

Li said there are some 200 older Cubans who have reached a high level of Tai Chi mastery, and often act as instructors.

More than 70 countries were expected to take part in World Tai Chi day, according to the official Tai Chi website, with tens of thousands of participants.

Source: AFP

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