by Vishnuprasad on  May 15, 2015 at 3:22 AM General Health News
CSPHA Offers Wide Range of Assistive Devices to Taiwanese Healthcare Facilities
The Chinese Safe Patient Handling & Movement Association (CSPHA) was founded in May, 2010 in Taiwan. The movement is driven by the singular goal of preventing injuries among clinical staff when moving patients inside homes and hospitals.

CSPHA has been fighting injuries for the last four years by promoting the use of assistive devices in Taiwanese healthcare facilities. They regularly host seminars, classes, and workshops aimed at preventing injury to caregivers.

CSPHA also hosts meetings with internationals to learn from them and to spread their own knowledge around the world.

The organization has dozens of different devices that help move sick and disabled people. There are a variety of slippery sliding mats, slip boards, and rotating surfaces that help get patients in and out of beds. There are also belts that can be put on patients with handles that promote proper posture and offer a good grip on the person being moved.

Representatives of CSPHA routinely demonstrate these devices to potential customers.

These included stair climbing wheelchairs and slippery wraps that can be used to drag patients down stairs when patients need to be evacuated. They also produce devices such as mats that are slippery one way but not the other, helping to keep patients from sliding down in wheelchairs and beds.

CSPHA has many inexpensive products that very cleverly made to easily move, shift, and rotate patients in different ways. The important aspect is choosing the correct device and using it properly.

Source: Medindia

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