Crying Babies Lead to Sleepless Nights and End Marriages

by Kathy Jones on Mar 18 2013 9:11 PM

 Crying Babies Lead to Sleepless Nights and End Marriages
Waking up in the middle of the night to check up on why the baby is crying may be more troublesome that previously thought with a new survey suggesting that it was responsible for the breakdown of over a third of marriages.
The survey was carried out by Channel 4 as part of their advice phone-in show Bedtime Live which starts on Monday. Over 2,000 parents took part in the survey and found that over 30 percent of couples who divorced blamed sleepless nights caused by crying babies as the reason for their breakups.

Around 11 percent admitted that their feigned sleep so that their partners would go and check on the babies while a similar number simply shut the door in order to block the noise.

“From a clinical perspective, a lot of those I see in my own clinics, predominantly children, have underlying issues with not getting enough sleep, even if that isn’t the problem they are presenting with. Behavioral difficulties, family issues, learning and concentration issues: there is a significant number of these common problems which have poor sleep at the heart of it”, Psychologist Tanya Byron, who is associated with the show, said.


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