Crocodile Egg Ice-Cream a New Favorite Among Filipinos

by Kathy Jones on Jun 29 2014 10:42 PM

 Crocodile Egg Ice-Cream a New Favorite Among Filipinos
Ice cream made from crocodile egg has quickly become the best-selling product at an ice-cream shop in Philippines.
The Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream Shop in Davao Crocodile park, Davao City, sells three crocodile egg flavors: Durian, Pandan, and Vanilla. The Durian flavor, ABC News reported.

According to a shop representative, that the Durian flavour sells the most, despite the terrible smell of the fruit and that the ice cream tastes exactly like the fruit minus the

Located in the in Davao city, the shop, a told ABC News, is the best seller despite, a fruit native to Davao. "It," said Bianca Dizon.

The process for making the crocodile egg ice cream is similar to the process for making any kind of ice cream, and as crocodile eggs contain more yolk than white, it gives a better viscosity and texture, making it creamier and thicker than normal ice cream.