Couple Sightless After Cataract Surgery

Couple Sightless After Cataract Surgery
A couple claiming to be in penury, say they have been robbed of the little they have ; their sight.
The duo who are members of a scheduled tribe (ST), claim that they lost their vision after undergoing cataract removal surgery at Government G K General Hospital, based at Bhuj. However, the doctors who operated upon them say this is not a serious case and state the couple may regain their sight in a few days time.

Shamji Jogi (60) and Manbai Jogi (55) were advised immediate surgery for cataract. After being admitted in hospital for two days, they were both operated upon on August 7. The couple were obviously looking forward to better sight after a few days.

To their shock however, they realized that they had turned totally blind. The couple allege that when they visited the hospital a second time the doctors refused to provide them any eye drops required for post-surgery healing.

According to Manbai, they have no source of income and it is the Ram Roti Kendra of Madhapar that helps them meet their requirements. "We can't even afford electricity," says Manbai.

When contacted, Dr Hema Dave of the ophthalmology department of G K General Hospital was quoted: "It takes a few days for one to regain one's eyesight after cataract surgery."

In addition, she stated that the hospital can provide eye drops only once, as per the rules. After this, she says , the patient has to arrange it for himself .


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