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Country's First Male to Deliver Baby is Briton
A Briton who was born a woman had a sex change operation and has become the country's first male to give birth ensuing a hormone treatment to reactivate his womb. An American and a Spaniard have done so earlier.

The man -- in his 30s -- had given birth last year but the news was made public only recently, the Daily Mail reported.

The man's womb had not been removed during the original sex change operation.

Joanna Darrell, of the Beaumont Society transgender support group, said the man had asked about the health implications of keeping his womb.

"He got back in touch about six months ago to thank the society for its help and to say he had had the baby," Darrell was quoted as saying.

The baby was delivered by caesarean section.

Darrell said he was probably the first British man to have given birth.

"As far as we know there is only him, one man in America and one in Spain who have done this," she said.

A 38-year-old American, Thomas Beatie became the world's first pregnant man in 2007 and has given birth to three children -- Susan, Austin and Jensen.

Beatie, who lives in Arizona with wife Nancy, was born a woman named Tracy Lagondino.

He took testosterone injections when he was in his 20s, which lowered his voice, gave him facial hair and altered his reproductive organs.

In 2002, he had his breasts removed and legally became a man but kept his vagina, uterus and other female sex organs so that he could have children, the daily said.

He stopped taking testosterone to become pregnant and the couple bought sperm from an anonymous donor.

Source: IANS

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