Cosmetics Lure Womens' Purses

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 10 2007 6:11 PM

Cosmetics Lure Womens
Cosmetics can surely produce some beautiful results in women, but they also end up having an ugly effect on the pocket, when it comes to the total money spent on make-up over a lifetime. A new study has found that the average woman spends more than 8,500 pounds on cosmetics over six decades.
The survey discovered that, on an average, women splurge more than 130 pounds annually on lipstick, eye shadow, foundation and blusher costs. Amongst the vast range of cosmetics, foundation emerged as the most expensive item, with females spending 1,998 pounds on the cover-up throughout their life.

Meanwhile lipstick cost 1,342 pounds alone, with 1,404 pounds spent on mascara and 1,144 pounds on eye shadow. The Debenhams poll of 2,500 women also revealed that almost a quarter would never think of leaving the house sans make-up while nine per cent said that they feel naked if they stepped out without applying face paints. Another 37 per cent confessed that not wearing make-up when they go out leaves them feeling less confident than usual.

Furthermore 47 per cent said they bought make-up for refreshment when they are feeling down. "Women are taking more pride in their appearance than ever before and this survey goes to show that they don't mind spending the cash on cosmetics to look great,” the Daily Mail quoted a spokeswoman for Debenhams, as saying. "When you add up the contents of a cosmetics bag, it is incredible how much money it amounts to over a lifetime. But the feel good factor women experience when buying a new lipstick or blusher is the same when shopping for clothes or handbags.

"This is also reflected in store - Debenhams currently stocks over 150 cosmetic brands, which continues to grow rapidly every year,” she added. It also emerged that women in London are England's biggest spenders when it comes to make-up, shelling out an average of 174.98 pounds a year. Ladies in Edinburgh spend the most, forking out 179 pounds a year compared to those in Glasgow who spend just 134 pounds.

The poll also found that more than two thirds think TV programmes such as 10 Years Younger and How to Look Good Naked have encouraged women to take more pride in their appearance.

Average Make-Up Costs Each Year

• Foundation - 30.75 pounds
• Concealer - 7.20 pounds
• Blusher - 10.88 pounds
• Bronzer - 7.34 pounds
• Eye shadow - 17.60 pounds
• Eye liner - 6.32 pounds
• Mascara - 21.60 pounds
• Lipstick - 20.66 pounds
• Face powder - 9.22 pounds
Total: 131.57 pounds

Top 10 Made Up Cities
1. Edinburgh - 179.57 pounds
2. London - 174.98 pounds
3. Newcastle - 166.25 pounds
4. Sheffield - 164.15 pounds
5. Cardiff - 160.20 pounds
6. Birmingham - 154.30 pounds
7. Bristol - 152.18 pounds
8. Leeds - 142.36 pounds
9. Manchester - 139.35 pounds
10. Glasgow - 134.93 pounds


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