by Rathi Manohar on  February 4, 2011 at 8:42 AM Medical Gadgets
 Cosmetic Surgeons Aided by 'Before-and-after' Tool
A three-dimensional 'before and after' tool developed by a Tel Aviv University researcher helps cosmetic surgeons avoid any unexpected, unpleasant surprises after surgery.

Dr. Alex Bronstein tackled a very difficult mathematical problem in computer modelling called predicting "deformations" of non-rigid objects to build a tool that can generate an anatomically accurate after-surgery image.

"Our program is more like a virtual mirror. It gives surgeons and their patients a way to see a 3D before-and-after image as though the patient has really undergone the operation," said Bronstein.

Bronstein designed the program with the help of numerous pre- and post-surgery images fed into a computer to "teach" it to more accurately generate post-surgery images.

Now under commercial development, the software will not only show women and men a much more accurate outcome, but also help surgeons achieve more favourable results for their clientele, the researchers said.

Bronstein predicted that similar tools will become even more accessible, affordable and powerful in the coming years as consumer 3D video cameras become more widespread.

Source: ANI

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