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Cops Release Frantic Emergency Call That Led to Lohan's Arrest
Police have released a recording of an emergency call that led to actress Lindsay Lohan's arrest.

Just before her arrest, the mother of Lohan's former personal assistant made an emergency call to the police, begging hysterically for help over a mysterious car following her - unaware that the actress was driving the car.

Details of the call emerged after police released an audio copy of it.

Lohan's personal assistant had resigned hours before the incident, the police said.

According to reports, Lohan allegedly jumped into an associate's vehicle to chase the lady.

Ronnie Blake, a passenger, claims she roared through red lights yelling, "I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity. I can do whatever I want."

The woman apparently was not aware of Lohan driving the white sport utility vehicle that was following her, when she contacted a Santa Monica police dispatcher soon after 1.30 a.m. on July 24.

"We were just about to park our car. We are turning home, and out of nowhere, a huge white GMC came up," the Daily Mail quoted the woman, as telling the police dispatcher.

"We're being followed by a GMC ... the gentleman jumped out of the car," she added a few seconds later. "Oh my God, sir, they're following us. We need help," she added.

During the nearly three-minute call, the dispatcher constantly asked the woman where she was.

The woman eventually said she was heading for the police station.

Police said the woman, accompanied by a passenger, drove into a car park about a block away from California's Santa Monica Police Department, followed by Lohan driving a sport utility vehicle.

During the call, the woman could be heard saying: "Oh my God, what is he doing?"

A few moments later, a police unit arrived and the woman could be heard in the background, apparently pointing out people to the officers.

Authorities who arrived saw Lohan and the woman in what police have called a "heated debate".

Lohan was then arrested for driving under the influence of liquor and with a suspended licence, besides being in possession of cocaine.

Source: ANI

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