by Sheela Philomena on  March 10, 2013 at 11:05 AM Lifestyle News
 Cooking Oil Fueled Jet to Fly from New York to Amsterdam
An aircraft using French fries and chicken wings as fuel will fly from John F Kennedy (JFK) International Airport, New York to Amsterdam, Holland, say sources.

The eco-friendly Boeing 777s, which is fueled by a blend of 25 percent cooking oil and 75 percent jet fuel, had completed 25 round trips between the two countries, which will be followed by 24 round trips every Thursday for the next six months, New York Post reports.

The oil for the flight, which comes from Louisiana, consists of waste oil left over from frying up crawfish, catfish and other Cajun food and is refined at a plant near Baton Rouge, Louisiana and then taken to JFK Airport to fuel the engines of the KLM aircraft, the paper said.

According to pilots, the cooking fuel works like regular jet fuel in the Boeing 777, which carries 318 passengers, and does not require any special maintenance by airline flight and maintenance crews.

It is the first time a biofuel will be used on a regular schedule on trans-Atlantic flights, although KLM, a biofuel pioneer, has been using cooking-oil-based fuel on passenger flights in Europe since September 2011, the report added.

Source: ANI

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