Control & Containment Measures Against Bird Flu Stepped Up in India

by VR Sreeraman on Jul 28 2007 12:40 PM

The pace of control and containment measures against bird flu has been enhanced. As against 21 Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) yesterday, 32 RRTs have now been deployed. Twenty-two areas have been identified for culling and proper sanitization works in the culling zone.

On 26th July 2007, the second day after the confirmation of outbreak of Avian Influenza, 9,472 poultry birds were culled; 7,159 eggs destroyed; and 450-kilogram poultry feed material disposed of.

RRTs started the actual control and containment operations yesterday after requisite health check-up by medical teams and under coverage of Tamiflu tablet. All the members of RRTs were fully equipped with PPE (personal protection equipment) and control operations were carried out as per the guidelines issued by the Government of India in identified poultry units as well as backyard poultry. Eight areas/villages, 4 each in East and West Imphal districts, were covered on the second day.

A Control Room has been set up at the Office of the Directorate of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Services at Imphal with Telephone No. 0385-245 0224 and Fax No. 0385-245 4928.