by VR Sreeraman on  April 28, 2011 at 6:49 PM Drug News
 Contraceptive Pill Protects From Knee Injury Risks During Menstruation
Menstrual cycles can increase the risk of injuries in women, but those who take contraceptive pills are more likely to be protected from such risks.

It found that a woman's risk of injuring her knees, feet and ankles is significantly heightened at the beginning and middle of her period.

Podiatrist Simon Bartold from the University of Melbourne has said lower oestrogen levels at the beginning of women's menstrual cycles reduced their muscle tone and coordination, reports the Courier Mail.

On day 14 of the cycle, oestrogen levels are at their peak and this increases the elasticity of the Achilles tendon and the risk of injury.

The university conducted two studies, involving 78 women, over three years.

The researchers, however, found that women who take contraceptive pills had less injury rates because the pill reduces the level of circulating oestrogen.

Bartold has said this research could prove useful for female athletes and coaches.

The findings were recently published in medical journals.

Source: ANI

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