by Rajashri on  September 18, 2008 at 2:29 PM Lifestyle News
 Conservatives in Canada Vow to Crack Down on Kids' Smoking
A ban will be imposed on flavored cigarettes that are marketed to children in flashy packages, Canada's Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised during an election campaign rally on Wednesday.

"As a parent, I was appalled to see tobacco being marketed in a way that is so enticing to children: flavoring and packaging them like candy, gum or a fruit roll up," said Harper after meeting with parents in Thorold, Ontario.

"This just isn't right. This practice can't continue. We will not tolerate it."

The prime minister cited statistics that suggest one in four young Canadians smokes.

If re-elected, his Conservatives, Harper said, would set a minimum package size for cigarillos (cigarettes wrapped in tobacco leaves) to make them less affordable for children; prohibit flavor and additives that appeal to children; and ban tobacco advertising in youth publications and websites.

Source: AFP

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