Concern for Girl Child in India by Radio Pakistan

Concern for Girl Child in India by Radio Pakistan
Radio Pakistan, in one of its programmes for the border villages promotes the girl child and blames Indian Government for encouraging female foeticide!
Recent "Punjabi Durbar" programme has accused the Indian government for indirectly encouraging female foeticide by not implementing the existing laws in letter and spirit.

The programme argues that by supporting female foeticide, the Indian government seeks to promote its 'hidden' policy to decrease population of Sikhs in Punjab.

But people in Fazilka town and Abohar villages in Ferozpur district are aware that the Government of India is working hard to save the girl child. Sex determination is not allowed in clinics and laboratories.

Doctors and social workers point out to the people that there are strict laws to stop female foeticide.

Dr.Y.N. Gupta, Sr.Medical Officer, Fazilka civil hospital, said: "The Civil Hospital at Firozepur has an advisory committee. It closely monitors all the eight ultrasound centres of the city. There are random checks and surprise visits at these hospitals and ultrasound centres. Not even a single case of female feticide has been found as yet."

Kulwant Singh, a resident of Abohar, said: "Pakistan is our neighboring country. It has repeatedly tried to frame baseless allegations against India. But Indian society has a scientific mindset and all this does not affect us anymore. Indian Government is headed by a Sikh Prime Minister and Punjab has a Sikh Chief Minister.

They advise the Punjabi Durbar programme not to indulge in promoting absurd causes.


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