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 Computer Capable of Identifying Liars With 85pc Accuracy
A new computer can identify liars more accurately than hardened police investigators, a new study has revealed.

The new software looks for telltale eye movements, and identifies liars with 82.5 percent accuracy, as compared to experienced police officers who only achieve around 65 percent accuracy.

The software was tested in 40 interviews with volunteers, some of whom were trying to conceal the fact they had hidden a cheque.

The volunteers were asked a series of questions by a retired police investigator to set a 'baseline' reading for their eye movements, then asked whether they had taken the cheque.

The computer could spot liars with 82.5 per cent accuracy by looking for telltale differences in their eye movements.

Ifeoma Nwogu of the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, says that the researchers hope to repeat the experiments with larger samples.

They also hope to develop the technology to look for other 'tells' that give away liars.

"We know that the eyes give signals that lead to deception, but what about general body movements?" the Daily Mail quoted Nwogu as saying.

However, others are less convinced.

"One problem with this research is its overreliance on the face as the only place to evince information from the body," said retired FBI counterintelligence special agent Joe Navarro, in an interview with Scientific American.

"I can tell you as an investigator and somebody who's studied this not just superficially but in depth, you have to observe the whole body; it can't just be the face," Navarro added.

Source: ANI

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