by Reshma Anand on  December 19, 2015 at 12:42 PM Drug News
Common Sleeping Pill Favors Faster Stroke Recovery
Zolpidem, a commonly prescribed sleeping pill may also help in recovering from stroke, revealed a new study.

Researchers from the Stanford University in the UK have conducted a study with this insomnia pill on mice to check its other potential. The study was published in the Journal Brain.

The drug is currently prescribed for around 750,000 people in Britain who suffer from insomnia. Researchers tested the drug on mice who were divided into two groups namely, control and test group. The mice in the test group were administered with the drug after an induced stroke, while the mice in the control group were given a placebo.

Results showed that mice who were given the drug three days after suffering an induced stroke recovered far more quickly than the control group. It took about a month for mice in the control group to fully recover from their stroke-impaired ability.

Zolpidem appears to speed up the process of brain regeneration by improving the signalling of nerve cells. The Stanford researchers intend to test the drug in other animal models, as well as to experiment with different dose sizes and timing, before proceeding to clinical trials.

"We've identified an FDA-approved drug that decisively promotes the beneficial signaling." said Dr Gary Steinberg, professor of neurosurgery at Stanford University.

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