by Sheela Philomena on  July 22, 2013 at 12:12 PM Alternative Medicine News
 Common Myths About Yoga Debunked
Vyda Bielkus, co-founder of Boston's Health Yoga Life, and Eva Norlyk Smith have helped debunk myths going around about yoga.

It's not necessary for a person to be flexible to start yoga. In fact, Bielkus said yoga can help you gain some flexibility quite quickly. She asserted that there are subtle adjustments that a person can make to every pose so that they can benefit from the movement but aren't in pain, the Huffington Post reported.

Another myth which has been busted is that it is heavy on wallet; they said that community and donation-based classes that don't cost a thing and many studios promote monthly packages and discounts.

People think that yoga is not an exercise, Smith said that it is not true as there are some types that are as aerobic and challenging as any workout you can find, Smith said.

Bielkus also agreed, saying that yoga will be counted as an exercise, as it works on all of the body systems, like the nervous system, the cardiovascular system.

Another myth that was called untrue was that the yoga classes are boring. In fact there are some classes which are set to club music.

Another myth busted was that you have to be religious, 'not so,' as there are many classes that do without any of these kinds of exercises.

Source: ANI

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