Coming Soon: Device That Buzzes You to Straighten Up When You Slouch

by Rajashri on Aug 24 2008 12:46 PM

Good news for persistent slouchers comes in the form of iPosture - a small gadget which can be stuck on the skin and buzzes to remind the wearer to sit up straight.

The revolutionary device vibrates discretely when the wearer slouches by more than three degrees for one minute.

Once the posture is corrected the buzzing stops and users have been found to adopt better habits after wearing the device for four hours a day for up to a month.

It comes after researchers proved that the Alexander Technique - a method of teaching better bodily alignment, posture and balance - helps reduce back ache.

The iPosture gadget can be worn while sitting, standing or walking, making it ideal for workers who spend hours in front of a computer and can be stuck to the skin, worn as a necklace or attached to a bra strap.

It uses a slimline battery like those found in most watches or calculators and monitors posture every few seconds.

Dr Moacir Schnapp, a neurologist and pain management specialist, believes his invention is the easiest way to improve posture.

"We often forget how much posture affects how we look and feel, as well as how it influences how people perceive us. Everyone is afraid of developing a pooch or beer belly but we don't realise the role poor posture can play in that," Telegraph quoted him, as saying.

"Posture directly affects how tall and thin we look and how confident we appear to others.

"But we are all so busy we hardly have time to think about it. The iPosture is designed to do the thinking for us," he added.

It may be bought on the Internet for 50pounds.