Cold Showers Reduce the Number of Sick Days

by Hannah Joy on Oct 28 2017 7:38 PM

Cold Showers Reduce the Number of Sick Days
Taking a cold shower in the morning can reduce the number of sick leaves you take from work, reveals a new study published in the journal PLOS One.
A cold shower cannot be a cure for illness but can make people want to go to work.

About 3000 participants took part in this study. The participants were divided into four groups: normal shower, a 30-second blast of cold water, a 60-second blast of cold water and 90-second blast of cold water.

A slight improvement was seen in the participants overall quality of life who took a cold shower. They were investigated after 60 days and found that nearly two-third of the participants continued to take a cold shower.

The studies conducted on animals revealed that beta-endorphins are released when exposed to cold showers, which helps to deal with pain easier.

The research team thought that this could be the positive reaction.

The research team calls for a further investigation on the benefits of cold showers.

"Even though the vast majority of participants reported a variable degree of discomfort during cold exposure, the fact that 91 percent of participants reported the will to continue such routine (and 64 percent did) is perhaps the most indicative of any health or work benefit," revealed the research team.