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Coca-Cola has developed a new calculator to help consumers to find how long it takes to burn off various Coca-Cola drinks through different sports and chores like housework.

The Work It Out Calculator has been launched by the Coca-Cola company and matches all of its popular drinks with how long it would take to burn off the calories through various forms of exercise.

While a 144 calorie can of Sprite could be worked off in an 18 minute Zumba class, it would take 47 minutes of ballroom dancing or 73 minutes of ironing.

It reveals that "healthier" vitamin drinks such as Glaceau Vitamin Water Essential would still require a 13-minute cycle ride or vacuuming for 19 minutes.

However, if household chores fill you with dread, Coca-Cola reminds readers that "Great music can put the fun into vacuuming. Crank up a fast-paced tune and burn some calories while you clean!"

The calculator also doesn't mention just how much sugar is in it's "full-fat products".

A can of coke contains 39g or nine teaspoons of sugar, which is close to half of a woman's recommended daily allowance of 90g. It also contains a surprising 1.25g of salt out of an RDA of 6g.

The company launched the calculator after it commissioned a survey that revealed over a third of Britons admit they don't have the time to be as active as they like, with motivation (32 per cent) cited as a key barrier.

"We want to help people understand how they can enjoy our drinks as part of a healthful balanced diet, whilst communicating the importance of an active lifestyle," the Daily Mail quoted Coca-Cola GB as saying.

The top 10 ways to work off a can of coke (330ml) are:

• Squash - 11 minutes
• Spinning class - 14 minutes
• Jogging - 17 minutes
• Climbing stairs - 19 minutes
• Mowing the lawn - 21 minutes
• Walking - 30 minutes
• Yoga class - 32 minutes
• Table tennis - 34 minutes
• Ballroom dancing - 45 minutes
• Vacuuming - 70 minutes

Source: ANI

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