Coffee Breaks Cost Businesses $11.4b Every Year, Says Study

by Sheela Philomena on Apr 20 2013 12:06 PM

 Coffee Breaks Cost Businesses $11.4b Every Year, Says Study
Every year businesses lose 11.4 billion dollars due to employees taking coffee breaks, claims new study.
According to the research, 63 percent of Australia's workers consume an average of 1.02 cups of takeaway coffee every day, taking about 15 minutes per break, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The study of 1200 office workers conducted by Australian coffee company Republica also found that employees felt that small breaks for coffee benefited their employer and 86 percent of those surveyed said that they experienced a caffeine-fuelled increase in their productivity.

Positivity Institute psychologist Dr Suzy Green said that the short time that the workers take for a coffee break is crucial for them to revitalise.

She said that it is absolutely crucial in terms of work, wellbeing and productivity and for organisations who want to pursue employees being more productive at work, wellbeing is correlated with productivity.

Green added that letting staff take coffee breaks may see workers coming up with their best ideas.