Clearmyguilt.Com Could Rescue the Guilt-Ridden

by Nancy Needhima on Feb 24 2012 11:46 AM

Clearmyguilt.Com Could Rescue the Guilt-Ridden, a social network grants users to confide their deepest, darkest secrets from the anonymity of their own homes and crowd source the outcome.
Fellow users rate the sins as "forgiveable" or "unforgiveable" in an online forum, absolving sinners of their guilt, and allowing them to continue on their merry ways, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The website was created by Arizona university students Lonny Ruben and Ryan Charleston, who curate the sins, picking out the top 15 that they think will get the best response on the website.

"We chose to keep it anonymous so people would be honest," said Ruben.

The site has about 100,000 visitors a day.