Chinese Barber Has a Hearty Abdomen

by Savitha C Muppala on Dec 1 2013 12:00 AM

 Chinese Barber Has a Hearty Abdomen
Ho Zhiliang, 24, from China, has congenital cardiac exposure syndrome.
A barber by profession, Ho Zhiliang needs to undergo surgery to rectify a rare defect.

Investigations have shown that his heart is located below the skin in his upper belly. Now, he is waiting to undergo surgery to move his heart from below the skin of his abdomen to his ribcage.

The condition called as congenital cardiac exposure syndrome is quite serious and most victims do not survive very long after birth.

Mr Zhiliang’s parents were cautioned that since his heart was exposed he would not live very long. Surprisingly, Zhiliang has survived and trained to become a barber.

In a newspaper report, he read about someone who also suffered from a similar heart condition and had undergone surgery to put the heart in the correct place.

So, he approached doctors in Wuhan in the hope of receiving the same surgery. Doctors are currently putting a surgery plan in place.

'It's a dream come true. I'm going to lead a normal life like everyone else,' he said.