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 Children Who Play Better Do Better in School: Study
A new study has showed that just two hours of extra physical activity each week can improve school performance.

Approximately 2,000 twelve-year-olds were part of the study was done by scientists at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

The scientists Lina Bunketorp Kall, Michael Nilsson and Thomas Linden, at the Centre for Brain Repair and Rehabilitation at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, have tested the hypothesis.

According to the study 408 twelve-year-olds in the Gothenburg region were given two hours of extra play and motion activities per week. This was approximately twice the normal amount of curricular physical activity.

Scientists suggested that a larger proportion on students in the intervention school did achieve the national learning goals in all subjects examined - Swedish, English and mathematics compared to the control groups.

The schools that were going to participate were carefully chosen, and the scientists pointed out that they were fully comparable with respect to the number of boys and girls, the fraction of pupils with foreign background, and the average level of income, unemployment and education of the parents.

Results were so consistent and pointed clearly in one direction that strengthens the belief that extra physical activity seems to help children succeed in school. The study was published in the scientific periodical Journal of School Health.

Source: ANI

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