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 Children Brought Up By Lesbians Perform Better In Schools
Good news for those inclined to unorthodox lifestyles - children brought up by lesbians achieved better results in school. They also tend to have a more active social life, new research shows.

Interestingly they have a very active social life and also behave better on and off the campus - they are less aggressive and tend to break rules less than the children of heterosexual parents. It is not clear though whether the same thing will apply in the case of the wards of homosexual fathers!

Researchers concluded that perhaps the mothers who conceived their babies through artificial insemination were "committed parents" and were fully alive to the to the difficulties their children could face at school.

They therefore took an active interest in their child's education and many chose to attend parenting classes. The mothers also tended to be older than mothers who had conceived naturally.

Nanette Gartrell, of the University of California and who led the research, said: ''Contrary to assertions from people opposed to same-sex parenting, we found that the 17-year-olds scored higher in psychological adjustment in areas of competency and lower in problem behaviours than the normative age-matched sample of kids raised in traditional families with a mum and a dad."

"These are not accidental children," Mrs Gartrell told WebMD Health News. "The mums tended to be older and attended parenting classes. They were very involved in the process of education [for their children].

''They anticipated their kids would experience stigmatisation," she said, and many discussed how to handle it with family members and their child's school.

The report published in the journal Pediatrics studied 154 lesbian mothers who received donor insemination in 1986.

Their children were questioned on their school, home, and social lives once they reached the age of 17 and were compared to children raised by a mother and father.

Researchers were unable to say whether the findings would apply to homosexual fathers and said that further study was needed.

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