by Shirley Johanna on  April 15, 2016 at 12:33 PM Indian Health News
Chewable Tobacco Banned In Delhi for a Year
The manufacture, storage, distribution and sale of all forms of chewable tobacco products like gutka and pan masala has been banned by the Delhi government for one year.

According to a notification issued by the Department of Food Safety, unpackaged products of chewable tobacco, too, are covered under the scope of the ban.

"The manufacture, storage, distribution, or sale of tobacco which is either flavored, scented or mixed... and whether going by the name or form of gutka, pan, masala, flavored/scented tobacco, kharra, or otherwise... whether packaged or unpackaged and/or sold as one product, or though packaged as separate products, sold or distributed in such manner so as to easily facilitate mixing by the consumer is prohibited for a period of one year, the notification stated."

The ban was enforced keeping in mind that the 'item' if consumes will endanger human health and well-being and whereas if consumption of these food articles is allowed without prohibition, the well-being of current and future generations will be compromised.

Source: ANI

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