Chennai Docs Perform Life-Saving Surgery on Pregnant Woman

by Kathy Jones on Dec 26 2011 9:22 PM

 Chennai Docs Perform Life-Saving Surgery on Pregnant Woman
Doctors at a Chennai hospital have performed a life-saving surgery on a six months pregnant woman as she was suffering from a congenital condition that could have proven fatal for both the unborn baby and the mother.
According to the Deccan Chronicle, 28-year old Aparna first started to struggle with chest pains and breathlessness six months into her pregnancy. An MRI scan revealed that she was suffering from rare form of congenital condition known as eventration of the diaphragm, which occurs in one in 100,000 people, wherein the diaphragm was a thin sheet of muscle rather than a thick mass.

As the fetus grew, it pressed her liver into the chest area, causing her pains and breathlessness. She was sent to the LifeLine Multi Specialty Hospital in Chennai where she was operated on through the chest area in order to prevent the loss of the baby. Aparna is now on her feet less than 48 hours after the surgery and the doctors revealed that the baby is also fine.