Chemical-Castration Drug Prescribed To Gay Teenager

by Savitha C Muppala on Sep 7 2012 7:49 AM

 Chemical-Castration Drug Prescribed To Gay Teenager
Australian doctor has been barred from practicing medicine after he prescribed a so-called controversial gay cure to his teenage patient.
Dr. Mark Craddock, a member of the reactionary Exclusive Brethren Christian Fellowship, had prescribed the drug Cyprosta to the teenage boy who was a member of this sect and had approached him for help.

The drug which is used to treat prostate cancer works by blocking the production of testosterone.

The victim explained how Craddock never informed him about the drug and its side effects or that it was commonly prescribed to sex offenders.

During an earlier hearing, Craddock had admitted he did neither of the things he should have done before prescribing the drug to the teenage boy which is – “obtain a medical history, conduct a physical exam, arrange for any follow-up or suggest the boy see a therapist”.

The doctor admitted he should not have prescribed the drug to the teenage boy.