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Cheers for Chocoholics: Chocolate That Lowers Cholesterol Developed
Now, chocoholics have a justified reason to savour their favourite sweet, for a Canadian company has developed a chocolate that lowers cholesterol.

Developed by Innovative Life Sciences, the 'Heart Chocolate' contains an ingredient called CM-X, a combination of cinnamon and bitter melon, which the company claims can lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

The company said the product is particularly beneficial for people with Type-2 diabetes, as it contains no sugar, as well as for those with high cholesterol.

"It works to keep your heart healthy while satisfying the most sinful chocolate craving," the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for the company, as saying.

"Heart Chocolate is the only chocolate bar equipped with CM-X, an ingredient scientifically and clinically proven to lower blood sugar and high cholesterol. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant," the spokesman added.

The chocolate bar is divided into thirds of 60 calories each, designed to offer three times daily satisfaction for chocolate cravings.

The spokesman said that eating three squares a day will bring results in three weeks.

"CM-X is a major advancement over raw cinnamon and other products containing standardised extracts of cinnamon. In fact, our concentrated extracts contain 30 times the concentration of beneficial molecules," he said.

Innovative said that the health benefits of the CM-X chocolate have been approved by Health Canada.

"There has been an increased awareness about all the health benefits of chocolate. It is particularly noted for its anti-oxidant properties," Company president David Solomon said.

"By adding the highly concentrated extracts of cinnamon and bitter melon, we have created a delicious and healthy chocolate snack that can actually help treat diabetes, high cholesterol and related cardiovascular conditions," he added.

Source: ANI

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