Chandigarh Launches Anti-obesity Association

by Jayashree on Aug 6 2007 7:34 PM

Chandigarh Launches Anti-obesity Association
Chandigarh launches a unique organisation called the Association for Study of Obesity (ASO) on Aug 8 to help overweight people overcome obesity and related problems.
The founding members of ASO, including doctors, professionals, industrialists, educationists and immigration specialists, met here Sunday to formalize the launch of ASO.

The ASO has invited membership from overweight people and everyone registering with the association would be provided technical advice and support for control of obesity.

N.C. Raina, a doctor and the convenor of ASO convenor said: "An obese person does not necessarily have to be visibly obese or fat. Obesity is determined by calculating BMI (Body Mass index) - a calculation made on the basis of height and weight.

"Persons having a BMI of 25 or more are considered overweight. However the term obesity is applied when the BMI is above 29.9. We often come across relatively leaner looking persons having abdominal obesity suffering from coronary artery disease."

For obese patients, the assessment of obesity would include weight and height measurements, BMI and Waist Hip Ratio (WHR) calculations. Experts would also be available at the launch of ASO to address to any special issues relating to obesity.

A businessman who wants to join ASO said: "If the association can help obese persons, it should be good. It isn't a very healthy feeling carrying so much weight around and people looking at you. I have tried everything - from slimming courses to gym. I want a permanent solution to this."

Raina pointed out that there has been a significant rise in obesity amongst men and children in recent years, particularly in north India.

"There has been a nearly 400 percent increase in joint replacements in Chandigarh alone in last five years due to excess tissue weight on weak bones," he added.


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