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Cerebral Palsy Cannot Deter Ludhiana Boy to Achieve His Goals
What everybody does with hands, 15-year-old Manish of Ludhiana does with his toes- be it painting, eating, stitching or playing.

A resident of Barowal village, Manish suffers from cerebral palsy, a non-contagious non-progressive disease that causes physical disability. But despite this, he is determined to achieve his goals.

"If we have the determination, everything happens naturally. We are also encouraged to work hard," says Manish.

'Ek Prayaas', a school that grooms differently-abled children, recognises Manish as the best artist.

Run by the Social Action Group, 'Ek Prayaas' took the help of a physiotherapist to enable Manish to use his legs effectively to paint and write. A speech therapist helps him to sing.

Nivedita Manan, the Principal of 'Ek Prayas' says: "The key problem is society, which ignores the disabled. If any child is unable to work with his hands and uses his feet, society instead of appreciating him, starts neglecting him. Parents also consider disabled as a lifetime burden. But, Manish was determined enough to accomplish something."

Today, Manish manages to earn some money by selling his posters at the exhibitions held by 'Ek Prayas'.

A standing example of "when there's a will, there's a way", Manish has become a source of inspiration to many.

Source: ANI

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