by Krishna Bora on  September 18, 2012 at 2:32 PM Lifestyle News
 'Centeredbeing'- Get Some Exercise At Your Workstation
A technique that has been adapted from yoga and Pilates, Centeredbeing is a mindful movement system designed to fight sedentary behaviour and stress, it has been revealed.

The techniques can be strung together to build a solid workout, but they're also handy whenever you need a moment to focus on your body rather than your computer screen.

"Your mood can improve in 10 minutes even if your biceps don't look different," quoted Centeredbeing co-creator Suzie Carmack, as telling The Washington Post Express.

Carmack, who's getting her PhD in health communication, obsesses over how language can motivate or discourage people.

"We're big on using 'movement' instead of 'exercise.' Exercise is a clunky word," she said.

"And everyone has to move," Carmack said.

She said that her goal is to make activity as easy and as accessible as possible.

Carmack had been teaching kids and wanted to develop a system that would keep them active and help them handle stress. Comfort was looking for better ways to address the needs of seniors.

What they developed ended up being something that could be useful for anyone - even themselves.

"I want to have a two-hour restorative yoga class every day, but no way I'm doing that," Carmack said.

"If I'm feeling that way and I love this stuff and trained in this stuff, what does that mean for the rest of the world?" she said.

Her methods give him hope, particularly the way she blends the physical and the mental.

"It's the gentler and kinder aspects of yoga. No twisting yourself into a pretzel position, or having to go to a chiropractor after," Gary Kreps, director of George Mason's Center for Health and Risk Communication and Carmack's adviser, said.

"She doesn't frame it as technical or intimidating," he added.

Source: ANI

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