Cell Phones can Be as Fatal as Alcohol When Mixed With Driving

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 19 2008 6:35 PM

 Cell Phones can Be as Fatal as Alcohol When Mixed With Driving
People are always told not to talk on cell phones while driving, now Ontario's doctors are the latest to advise the same, insisting that the cell phones can be as fatal as alcohol when mixed with driving.
The experts from Ontario Medical Association compiled studies from around the world, pointing to the dangers in a bid to get action from the Ontario government.

They say that mobile phone use affects a driver's cognitive function, visual concentration, speed of processing information, and reaction time.

The study found that using a cell phone while driving could pose nearly the same risks as driving while at the legal limit for alcohol.

It showed that cell phones could put drivers at significantly higher risk of collision, regardless of the use of a hands-free or hand-held phone.

The deadly combo has significantly increased the risk of accidents.

"Whether they have a publicity program or whether they go the legislative route and enact laws, that would be their decision," quoted Dr. Ken Arnold, the President of the association, as saying.

"There certainly have been figures that show that people have used their cellphones in a time frame before their accidents," Arnold said.

"There have been studies that show when cellphones are banned that accident rates decrease.

"Certainly we've recognized long ago the dangers of alcohol and driving, so I think it's time to look at the risks that cellphone brings to our driving," he added.


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