by Tanya Thomas on  June 30, 2009 at 4:44 PM Lifestyle News
 Celine Dion Holds The 'Immense Pressure' Responsible In Jacko's Case
Celine Dion blames the intense pressure Jacko faced ahead of his comeback tour responsible for the crooner's sudden death.

She made an appearance in TV show Late Night With Larry King to share her views on the tragic event.

"I think Michael Jackson lived under pressure all the time, since he's five years old - wanting to please his family and his fans and putting the bar so high that he needed to be suppressing his own self," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

"If you don't have something like your family, your husband or your wife, your children - I mean he probably didn't have the balance," she added.

However, the singer struggled to stop tears from coming, as she was unable to reconcile to the fact that the legend no more existed.

She said: "Michael Jackson's been an idol for me all my life. In my house when I was very, very young, and having his posters above my bedroom. He's been my idol all my life.

"It feels like when... when Kennedy died, when Elvis Presley died. It's a big loss. And I have to say that it's not even sinking in right now.

"I grew up with him. And through my (eight year old) son, I'm discovering his music again. He will never die. He will never, ever, ever die."

The My Heart Will Go On singer also mentioned that she had seen Jackson for the last time when he had come to her concert in Las Vegas several months back.

Source: ANI

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