by Aruna on  July 21, 2009 at 10:00 AM General Health News
Car Drivers Are More Focused On Their Burgers Than The Road: Study
According to a new study, eating and/or drinking while driving has been blamed for 80 percent of car accidents in the US.

The study conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown that about 80pct of the car accidents, and 65pct of near misses, were caused by drivers more focused on their burgers than the road.

"Distractions like eating can become a problem for drivers who can't react quickly to a sharp curve," the New York Daily News quoted the study report as saying.

Based on the responses of car drivers, the researchers have ranked the worst foods to eat behind the wheel.

They found drinking coffee while behind the wheel to be the worst.

"Even with a travel lid, hot coffee can find its way out of the opening when you hit a bump," the study said.

The list also included soup, tacos, chili dogs, hamburgers, ribs and wings, fried chicken, jelly doughnuts, soda, and chocolate.

Another study of 1,000 drivers, led by ExxonMobil Corp. showed that more than 70pct of drivers ate, and 83pct drank beverages, while driving.

Source: ANI

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