Cancer Ordeal of Jade Goody Revealed

by Hannah Punitha on Aug 24 2008 4:38 PM

 Cancer Ordeal of Jade Goody Revealed
British television celebrity Jade Goody, 27, has revealed the harrowing experience she is going through after being diagnosed with cervix cancer.
The chances that Goody may not survive the illness, and never see her two young sons grow up have left her emotionally wrecked.

"I''m fighting for my life," the Sun quoted her as saying as she broke down and wept uncontrollably.

To contain the disease, the Big Brother star will have to undergo a hysterectomy next week, after specialists pointed out that the urgent operation is required or she would die within three months from cervical cancer.

But even though the disease has now been discovered, Goody still has a big battle ahead of her, especially after doctors told her on August 21 that a large tumour in her womb might have spread to her blood stream.

If the tumour has spread, it could put major organs such as her liver and kidneys at risk.

"I''ve got no control over this disease and I''m bloody terrified. I am going to fight the damn thing every step of the way because I have two beautiful boys who are my world," she said.

"But I have to be realistic and face the possibility that I might not live to see them grow up.

"I can''t face telling my boys because they are so young. They think mummy has a tummy ache," she explained.

When Goody revealed her suffering at the Indian version of Big Brother, called Bigg Boss, six days ago, and she was later cruelly criticised and accused of a sham publicity stunt.

She further revealed how she was wrongly given the all clear at first after being rushed to hospital just three weeks ago.

"I''m sitting here desperately trying to come to terms with the fact that I might die, while people are out there accusing me of making my illness up," she said.

"Call me a racist, call me a bigot, a chav, whatever - but don''t call me a liar over this," she stated.

Goody, who is the mother of 5-year-old Bobby, and 3-year-old Freddie, revealed that her only thoughts were for her children.

"When I was first told how serious my cancer was, my first thought was for my boys. I sat there shaking, thinking, ''How on earth can I explain this to my babies?''" she said.

"Then when I was told I needed an urgent hysterectomy, I broke down at the thought of never having more children. I have always longed for a baby girl.

"Then it hit me that some women get cancer and will never become mums. I realised I should be so thankful for my gorgeous sons and decided I was going to take this horrible disease on - and win.

"I''m tortured by the fact people think this is a stunt.

''I will use all my strength to fight''

"Since Big Brother my life has been fashioned by publicity. But no way would I want anyone to be in my shoes now. I have to try and brush that sort of stuff aside and concentrate on living and getting well again," she added.

Goody''s Harley Street consultant Ann Coxon defended her and remarked about her determination to go on.

"This lady is battling to stay alive," Coxon said.

"She has serious second stage cancer and needs surgery as soon as possible. The cancer is in an advanced stage and was diagnosed in the nick of time. The bottom line is, if she''d stayed in India for the next three months, she wouldn''t be here," she added.


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