by Bidita Debnath on  January 14, 2015 at 11:04 PM Research News
 Cancer Deaths to be Eliminated by 2050, Except for Over-80s
Cancer deaths will be eliminated for all except for the people over 80 years of age by 2050, reveals a new study.

According to the experts, if recent gains in prevention and treatment carry on apace then it is possible to prevent further deaths and that UK was at a "special point in history" and could set a bold ambition to eradicate cancer-related mortality in people aged under 80 "during the course of the coming 20 to 30 years", the Independent reported.

Empowering Better Health

Researchers from University College London (UCL) and King's College London said that falling smoking rates, speedier diagnosis, and better radiological, surgical and drug treatments have led to a 1 percent decline in cancer death rates every year since 1990.

However, the researchers said investment in cancer care would have to increase and criticised decisions to ration innovative treatments, saying there should be "no question" of the NHS being able to afford world-class treatments.

In the report, Overcoming Cancer in the 21st Century, researchers said that 325,000 Britons - more than ever - will be diagnosed with a potentially fatal cancer this year, but death rates for the most common cancers are down about a third from those recorded just 20 years ago.

The findings also predict that huge gains could be made if smoking rates continue to decline, drug treatments for advanced cancer continue to improve, and conditions such as bowel cancer, often diagnosed too late, continue to be picked up sooner.

Source: ANI

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