by Reshma Anand on  February 1, 2016 at 1:57 PM Cancer News
Cancer Council Australia Issues New Set of Vitamin D Guidelines to Avoid Skin Cancer Risk
Many people are exposing themselves to sunlight to increase their vitamin D levels for keeping their bones and joints healthy. But recent guidelines issued by the Cancer Society of Australia have warned people against the increased exposure to sunlight.

The Cancer Council Australia, the Australian College of Dermatologists and Osteoporosis Australia for the first time in nearly eight years have released new recommendations for sun exposure.

The cancer council found that more than 30% of people in Australia worry about Vitamin D deficiency, but actually more than 77% are not deficit. The unnecessary worrying has led to increased sun exposure due to the overhyped benefits of vitamin D.

Cancer Council public health committee chairman, Craig Sinclair said, "There's also been an enormous amount of over-testing going on in the Australian population, again around anxiety around vitamin D levels."

Overexposure to sunlight has led to increase in skin cancer risk. Now the new set of rules states that people should limit their time spent under the sun.

Osteoporosis Australia's Professor Peter Ebeling said, "When the UV index is below three, between May and December, please get outside at midday, roll up your sleeves go out for a walk, you'll feel better but also you'll help build up your vitamin D levels."

The Australian College of Dermatologists' Peter Foley said, "Spending hours in the sun in summer did not cause vitamin D levels to continue to increase but "certainly does increase the risk of skin cancer."

During winter, people can stay away from using sun protection and spend some time outdoors. They also added that instead of spending time in the sun during summer people can get vitamin D supplements prescribed by doctor.

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